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new social media platforms have lost a lot of individuality and customizability, so im glad to have discovered neocities!! creating a website started as a project for my com tech class in grade 11, when i made my first site 'Trash Paradise' and my interest progressed from there. i made Planet Sarah cuz i wanted a different aesthetic, but still kept trash paradise as a memory of where i started (granted my html/css skills havent drastically improved lol). anyways, thanks for checking me out :D!!

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18 ✩ INFP-T ☆ 4w5 ☆ Chaotic Neutral

Thank u so much for visiting planetsarah! Ive been pondering what to write about myself but nothing interesting comes to mind. So I'll just describe myself in 3 words; stanky, solitary and sexy. Why those words you may ask?? Because Im a socially inept hermit who hasnt showered in over a year but im still living like boss babe!! I'm also part of a MLM scheme that sells laxative-infused diet pills to niave suburban housewives. I guess you could say im pretty awesome! Another cool fact about yours truly: i ate my twin in the womb out of jealousy. cuz mama can only have one special little girl and that girl will be ME.

cheers xoxo!

General Thingz: sketching, thrifting, vaporwave, rainy days, unicorns/faeries, psychedelia, autumn, webcore, gardening, moths, dead malls, botanical art, crocheting, dragonflies

Movies: back to the future, napoleon dynamite, breakfast club, wild, the shining, the blair witch project. i don't actually enjoy watching movies that much ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

TV: stranger things, freaks and geeks, ghost adventures, supersize vs superskinny, jersey shore, icarly


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