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19 ✩ INFP☆ 4w5 ☆ Chaotic Neutral

About me: i collect unicorn and cow figurines, as well as lucky pennies that i store in my super special mushroom shaped jar :O. i have a dog named mr noodles and a cat named buttons (the most boring cat name ever). when i get another cat ill name it 'Shipshooba' or Corndog. I smell like hot chocolate body spray from bath and bodyworks (but also probably B.O). im a maximalist. i like art, i primarily draw with pen and marker. i also make little tiny felt figurines; so far ive created a cat, two mushrooms, a strawberry and a bee. i stan gibby from icarly. i have a box full of hotel room tea ive been collecting since 2014, i will keep it until i die. i enjoy tacky things; camo, snooki, crocs with socks. when i grow up i want to be a cat lady or a millionaire. if i could describe myself in one word it would be cringe. Cheers xoxo!

General Thingz: sketching, thrifting, vaporwave, rainy days, unicorns/faeries, psychedelia, autumn, the old web, gardening, moths, dead malls, botanical art, crocheting, dragonflies, felt crafts, creepypasta bees

Movies: back to the future, napoleon dynamite, breakfast club, wild, the shining, the blair witch project, juno. i don't actually enjoy watching movies that much ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

TV: stranger things, ghost adventures, supersize vs superskinny, jersey shore, icarly

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