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i made this site because i love the look of geocities pages and wanted to create a site that was personal to me. i try to radiate my aesthetic while still radiating the vibes of original old websites. thanks for checking it out :D!!

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doll doll


Random facts:

18 ✩ INFP ☆ 4w5 ☆ Chaotic Neutral

General Thingz: sketching, thrifting, vaporwave, rainy days, unicorns/faeries, psychedelia, autumn, webcore, gardening, cottagecore

Movies: back to the future, napoleon dynamite, breakfast club, wild, the shining, the blair witch project. i don't actually enjoy watching movies that much ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

TV: stranger things, freaks and geeks, ghost adventures, supersize vs superskinny, jersey shore


angel high school forest spirits vampire lover foresaken mind decadent moodring invisible self expression sick and tired illegal thought underachiever insecure

love web positive angel computer bitch cutie angeldevil princess punk