Nov 9, 2019..... mood:chill, happy, bouncy

haihaihaihai ^^! i have a long weekend cuz we have monday off for remembrance day! i dont have a lot of classes in november since there are so many PD/interview days, so thats rlly nice! we also have a grade 12 retreat all day on thursday (which is basically just a lecture about God from some 'hip' and 'cool' millenial catholic) :/. don't get me wrong, i believe in God and consider myself religious, but i'm not gonna spend all damn day listening to that!! i told my mom i'll skip but she said no (what a shock), but i still will cuz idc :p.

I'm going to a fleetwood mac concert with my brother tomorrow!!!! im so fuckin excited i love fleetwood mac! stevie nicks is a queen! i've never been to a concert for a band i actually enjoy, so this is rlly amazing ughhh. theres not much else to say about that tho, i'll probs update about it after! have a good day / night / week / watever!

oct 31, 2019..... mood: spooky, sad

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! i'm doing absolutely nothing this year :(((, im soooo bored. i handed out candy, looked at memes and got a slurpee. probs gonna smoke sum weed tho, so i guess that'll be fun ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯! all my classmates r doing things like parties and NONE of them invited meeee; im on good terms with all of them so idk why they wouldn't, maybe im lamer than i thought??? kinda bummed, but watevs, got my whole life to party. im a loser and just gotta accept it......tbh life feels kinda bleak rn, i feel a consant state of numbness. lolzzz

on a side note, im planning where i wanna go 4 uni and am thinking art skool. i'm thinking of posting sum 'art' this page, except i only rlly doodle but ehh who cares! have a good night, hope y'all have fun (◠‿◠✿)

oct 12, 2019..... mood: happy, chill, festive

sup! srry 4 not updating often, am super tired from school! life has been good lately cuz me and my mom switched rooms (i moved into her art room in the basement and she got my old bedroom). It's super big and looks really nice! maybe i'll post pics sometime, idk. it only took a day but it was a lot of work. ALSOOO its almost halloween :D! idk what im gonna do cuz a couple of my friends wanna trick or treat but im dont rlly wanna. i'm kinda old for it imo and walking around for 2 hours getting candy doesnt sound fun. i dont like most of the candy i get anyways and if i want some, i can buy sum fuckin candy from walmart. but maybe ill go, it might be fun. i kinda wanna get drunk and go to a graveyard but i also think that might be disrespectful :/??? lastly, i've been robotripping on weekends a lot and maybe i will again tonight...i don't get super nauseous anymore and its a cheap, easy (and technically legal) way to get high. thx 4 readin'!! ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

UpDaTe: here is my room :). click on pic to view full image

sept 26, 2019..... mood: annoyed

hola (^▽^)! today was okay; i tried searching for jobs near me (since i cant drive yet and i need something accessible by transit) and i don't have much luck yet :(. either everything is too far OR i need prior job experience before hand. like, i cant get a job without experience but how can i get experience without a job. u know wat i mean???

also, something rlly weird is happening on friend project (basically myspace 4 those who don't know). i friended this dude who messaged me and complimented my looks. i was polite but then he got kinda creepy. he asked if we could cam sometime and i declined (obvi, im not THAAAT dumb) and he understood. but then he literally said "*smells your hair* o3o nonomnom. XD" and i was like "haha". then he asked if he creeped me out and i said kinda. then he said he wanted to creep me out "Becsuse I'm different. Xp I say weird things so deal with it specs." and i was like....okkkk xp. wat do i do??? do i block him?? i dont wanna be rude but....idk :/. anyways, gotta go. byeeeee (☉‿☉✿)

sept 22, 2019..... mood: loopy, tired, sick

haiii :p. i finally robotripped last night!!! although i still didnt take A LOT, i managed to actually have a good high; i felt like i was floating, euphoria, and music sounded AMAZING!!! i was chill and felt numb but also felt SUUUPER nauseous (d'uh). its been 12 hours and I still feel like vomiting,,,ugh.....im super hungover. i feel like im in a dream rn. i was anxious this morning cuz my pupils were still rly dialated but no one noticed. also, my dad made me do yardwork for like 3 hours, which was 3 times harder since i felt like shit. watevr, it was worth it imo cuz i had fun and listened to vaporwave ●‿●.

I wanna get a drawing tablet for christmas because i wanna experiment with drawing with photoshop. i think i will always like traditional art more but still, it'll broaden my horizions. the only problem??? DRAWING TABLETS R EXPENSIVE ( ;´Д`). i cri.

P.S i wanna post art on this site but i dont like anything i make, soooo.....sry. but ill still try to post sum stuff

sept 14, 2019..... mood: anxious, excited

helloooooo! today was chill, slept till 2:00 pm sooo i wasted most of the day. but i did go to the mall to buy some shoes (both of my vans have holes at the bottom D:), and I'm getting doc martens ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ!! I've been wanting them for a while soo i'm rlly happy! also, i think i might robotrip tonight. why? because i'm a dumbass bitch that make poor life choices.....and i'm content with that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. i did my research tho and i'm not gonna take too much. i know DXM isnt that good but i'm too scared to smoke weed since i think my dad might smell it. watevr, whats the worst that could happen (other than my nervous system shutting down :/). in conclusion, i'm dumb. have a good night!

UPDAte: i am a bit high rn and its ok i guess. i feel chill but also nauseous. i think i need more to get a better high but i dont want to since my mom might notice. i also dont wanna vomi. will probs try again but with higher mg dose and when i know mu mom wont notice. gn :P

sept 10, 2019..... mood: tired, calm

suuuppp. school is not that bad so far but i'm always sooo tired! i literally cant keep myself awake in social class and i slept in LA (but we were watching a movie so idc). anyways, im making a website in my com tech class. idk what to make it about since i already have a blog. watever, u can view it here! it's not finished tho...maybe ill use it as a practice site. its raining and its really peaceful!! im probs gonna have a cig and go to bed! GNNN (◠‿◠✿)

sept 3, 2019..... mood: satisfied, tired

HAIIII! today wasnt that bad. i got up early cuz i thought school started at regular time (9:00 am) but for seniors, it started at 2:00 today. luckily i found out before i got there but i could have slept in ;-;. BUUUT my TA teacher seems nice and this semester is easy (i have all the arts :D). also, i updated this site a lot; i havent added too many new thingz but i added most images to my dashboard instead of hotlinking!!

i feel kinda guilty cuz i havent been drawing often, i think i get lazy during summer. but i have AP art this semester so hopefully ill get back on track! byeeeeee :p

sept 2, 2019..... mood: grumpy,moody, giddy

hi!! today is the last day of summer, so im really fucking sad about that :(. its my last year (i'm a senior) but that also scares meeee!! what am i gonna do with my life? anyways, i rlly h8 hs; i understand education is important or watevr but i dislike most of my teachers, most of the people, and especially the pointless work...watevr ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. anyways, i went to pride yesterday with a couple of friends. it was super fun and we just walked around 4 a few hours! i showed on one my friends this site becuz he also likes old web stuff, but i didnt send him this url...tbh i dont want anyone i know irl to look at this site that often. i only showed him cuz of the aesthetics but i dont rlly want him to look at it anymore. it kind of just a private little thing i have 4 myself, but i dont want to hurt his feelings cuz i do like him! idk ⊙﹏⊙.

i also rlly want to get stoned since i havent in a while but its suuuper hard when u have parents! i feel like i talked about weed a lot with my friends yesterday, so i also dont wanna seem like a poser bout it (like smoking being a personality trait etc) but literally none of my close friends smoke, so i feel rlly tense. but i can wait!!! im almost 18, so when i turn legal age ill tell my parents then (◠︿◠✿) have a gr8 day!!!! thx 4 reading my 1st diary entry ^-^