my fav artists/bands (almost sorted alphabetically):

A: aphex twin, ariel pink, airiel, acid bath, ancient

B: boards of canada, boa, bauhaus, boy harsher, brian jonestown massacre, butthole surfers

C: christian death, cocteau twins, crystal castles, a certain radio, the cranberries, CAN, the cure, carginogen

D: depeche mode, darkthrone, dystopia, deftones, the doors

E: echo and the bunnymen

F: fleetwood mac, fleeting joys, the floor, fimbulwinter, fields of the nephilim

G: the garden, grateful dead, gary newman

H: hole

J: joni mitchell, john maus, janis joplin, joanna newsom, joy division

K: killing joke

L: lush, LMFAO, led zepplin, lebanon hanover

M: machine girl, mephisto walz, mashmakhan, mythos, millionaires

N: new order, nails, nirvana, neil young, necktar

O: orchestral manoevres in the dark, ossadogva

P: pentangle, pearls before swine, the permanent confusion, pink floyd, popular history of signs, puzzle

R: radiohead

S: simon and garfunkle, siouxie and the banshees, slowdive, the sneaker pimps, susperia, sisters of mercy, the smiths, the sound, sonic youth, the sundays, strawberry switchblade, spiritualized, she past away

T: type o negative, turquoise days, talking heads, trit 95, tears before fears

U: ultimate spinach

V: vashti bunyan, vanilla fudge, videosex, the velvet underground

W: wulkanaz, windows 96

X: Xasthur

some of my top albums (not in order)

but this is my all time favorite (not a joke)