The Garden is an experimental rock duo formed by twin brothers Fletcher and Wyatt shears in 2011. They integrate a multitude of unique sounds into their albums, incorporating deep drum-and-bass, simplistic electronic beats, hip hop-like verses, and a hardcore atmospheric vibe. Despite their albums generally having a lofi, garage punk sound and many similarities, each of their songs are distinctive and catchy. In addition, their unique style if often admired, combining androgynous glam and medival jester attire. I’ve been listening to them for years now, around when their 2018 album ‘Mirror Might Steal Your Charm’ was released. The first song I heard was ‘California Here We Go’ and I was obsessed for a long while after. Their songs have always reminded me of summer and an indescribably deep sense of longing/nostalgia, even though their music may not typically be something that evokes those feelings.

They coined the term 'Vada Vada' at the beginning of their career, which they use to describe their complete freedom of expression without boundaries; the spirit of their style and music is heavily influenced by their disregard for guidelines and focusing on creating what they want. Likewise, they named themselves 'the Garden' because their sound is always growing and changing. Some people like the Garden for their performances and their surreal, avant-guard artistry but much less their music. Even though some uncultured swines people view them as a mediocre band (like *cough cough* Anthony Fartano) they are still one of my favs!!!

My favorite albums in their discography are 'haha' and 'Mirror Might Steal Your Charm' but their 2017 EP 'U Want the Scoop?' has a few bangers! They also have a new album 'Kiss My Super Bowl Ring' which I highly recommened. My fav songs are 'No Destination', 'Clay', 'All Access', 'Cloak', and 'Vexation'. :) I REALLY want to see them live someday, hopefully they'll tour western canada?? idk? Check 'em out if you want. Maybe you'll regret it, maybe you wont.....

EDIT: I wrote this page in 2019. As of 2023, I haven't kept up with their current discography. However, I still think they make sum bangers

'Puzzle' is the independent music project started by Fletcher Shears, which seems to have started in 2013 but there isnt much info on it TBH :p. I love a lot of fletcher's individual songs like 'I Saw An Angel, 'Loose Canon' and 'Disappear'. I dig his albums 'X-Hail' and 'Soaring', and actually listen to a lot of his independent stuff. Check his bandcamp out right h e r e!

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'Enjoy' is the solo venture from Wyatt Shears, which seems to have started in 2012 (with the song Gold being released). Wyatt makes a lot of bops, 'Small Car Big Wheels' being one of my favs and seemingly Enjoy's most popular song. In addition, I enjoy (no pun intended) 'Legacy' and 'Boom Bang, Blast!". Check out his bandcamp h e r e!
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