Killing Stalking is a pshycological thriller manhwa and is one of my favorite webtoons ever!! i started reading it since it came out in 2016 until it ended in 2019, so needless to say i am a fan. I'd be lying if i said i knew ALL the lore, theories, and if i was deeply involved in the fandom, but that doesn't matter to me, i'm just here 4 the story. I would 10/10 recommend it if you aren't triggered by disturbing images (rape, gore, etc), so read at ur own risk.

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"Oh Sangwoo, a charming and smooth talker Korean college student, who turns out to be a sadistic serial murderer, kidnaps Yoon Bum, a strange and exiled man, who has been obsessively stalking him. The story starts developing when Bum decides to enter Sangwoo's house when he's away, finding out that the man Oh portrays to the world has nothing to do with reality. The moment the house owner discovers that Bum broke in and saw what he's been hiding, he decides to hold him captive. Despite being an object of affection for Bum, Sangwoo abuses and tortures him. The plot follows his multiple attempts of breaking free and its consequences and them slowly growing a deep, toxic interest in each other." -wikipedia.

I would have typed out the plot myself but i'm lazy and wikipedia phrased it best ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Main Characters:

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Yoombum is the protagonist of KS. He is portrayed as quiet, shy, and very troubled due to his harsh life. His parents died when he was very young, forcing him to live with his abusive uncle, all while enduring bullying at school. His lifetime of abuse caused him to self harm and desperatly turn anywhere for affection. While serving in the military, Yoonbum was shunned by his unit as well as almost sexually assulted by his commander. The attempt was stopped by Sangwoo, thus causing Yoonbum to view him as a hero. Eventually, Yoonbum became infatuated with Sangwoo and started stalking him; he successfully broke into Sangwoo's house as an effort to find out more about his savior, but only ended up meeting a terrible fate... black rose black rose

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Oh Sangwoo is the antagonist of KS. To outsiders, Sangwoo is an extroverted, happy-go-lucky guy who gets along well with others. However, this is only a mask to hide his sadistic, manipulative, psychopathic traits; he kills and tortures people as a way to cope with his unhinged emotions. Frankly, Sangwoo is kind of an asshole. Like Yoonbum, Sangwoo had a shitty childhood; his cruel father would beat his powerless mother and would neglect him. A bunch of other childhood memories r uncovered but i don't wanna spoil if u haven't read KS. Anyways, Sangwoo discovers Yoonbum broke into his house and bashes him with a baseball bat, rendering Yoombum unable to escape. Little does Sangwoo know Yoonbum won't just be another meaningless victim...

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Some people see that Killing Stalking revolves around a gay relationship and automatically call it a yaoi :/,,,,shipping it, calling it cute, wanting Sangwoo/Yoonbum to stay together. I'm not gonna sit here and shame people for what they ship cuz who even cares?? But in my opinion, shipping this "couple" is kinda weird cuz it involves rape, abuse, and just general shitty stuff. idk where i'm going with this...i guess i wanna disclaim i don't ship them so I won't have some BITCH come 4 meee! However, i did find it interesting to see how their relationship evolved.

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Read it here.---u get the first 3 chapters free :D! there r places u can read it all free but it's always good to support the creator!

Youtube Playlist here. ---Akidearest makes really entertaining vids on killing stalking. :ppp