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TrashParadise -my first website (i dont update anymore)!!

-my pals super c00l site, u better check it out!!! :D

The Void Lounge

computer computer

Kaylyn's Page- a rlly kool personal page with a bunch of playboy and evanescence pix!!

da_local_ilnd_hottie- an 'about me' page with dollz and john cena!!!!

queenb_hottie- lil mya's groovy other linkz work :(

doobee3601- cool pics with some hawt aesthedicks

tcgirlrock (tarynkitty)- shes a model with gr8 taste in web design

Kathleen's mainpage- "i'm back, nazi whores!"

aphrodytia- i love the web design LOLZ

Jays Quickstop- Jason's kool webpage

Astro-Links U.F.O's- cooky wacky spacey stuff!!

HoOcHiEez- "HeY U C'mon n' cLiCk Me BaBy!"

mini for LOVE- super cute pink page in another language

The Way to Hell- pretty self explanatory ;)

love_amy2001- idk wat any of this says but its pink so i dig it :D

iamjen23- amazing dollz site!

GumbyWorld- its gumby bitch

face face

Glitter Graphics- one of my fav places 4 gifs, dividers, backgrounds & a lot more!!

Simple css rainbow text- a code that gives u a rainbow text gif!

Gifcities- u all know this one :p just sum old web gifs

Free gif text- pretty self explanatory! xp

Lissa Explains- an old website that gives good HTML help

Blingee- the best photo editing site EVER! >:)

Jans Graphics- cute site with gud collection of blinkies/stamps/dollz

Cursors4u- a bunch of kool free cursors that i use all the time (⌒o⌒)

MOAR free gif text- u can guess wat dis is :3

GR sites- amazing old web background collection!!

Smilies- a buttload of smilies

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