guitar heart skwisgaar heart guitar

Skwisgaar Skwigelf

Taller than a tree

Skwisgaar is the renowned lead guitarist of Dethklokk, an illustrious ladies man, and the tallest member of the band (d'uh). Known for being an arrogant jackass with a god complex and a love for G-MILFS, Skwisgaar is still a fan-girl favorite. (unfinished writing)...


cat heart toki heart cat

Toki Wartooth

Not a bumblebee

Toki is the rhythm guitarist and youngest/last member of dethklokk. He is a loveable buffoon with an affinity for kitties, candy, and constructing toy airplanes. Toki's also enthralled by whimsical enchantment, in which he will hallucinate colorful dream sequences in psychedelic rainbow wonderlands. Despite his childlike demeanor and apparent heart of gold, he's also been prone to phases of complete lawlessness, in which he will engage is arson and beating people to death :D. Toki is the 'younger brother' of the group and has a very trusting, well intentioned nature, which greatly contrasts the dark brutality associated with Dethklok. Overall, he is my favorite character. No elaboration necessary. (unfinished writing).



William Murderface

Murderface, Murderface

Murderface is the bass player with a heart of mold. Despite being a rich, well-known celebrity and a member of the most famous band in the world, he is the black sheep of his esteemed musical peers. Though, this is for good reason; Murderface is the perfect mix of self loathing and destructive ego-mania, which drives him to either annoy his bandmates or commit horrific acts of violence and filthiness. Despite his repulsive personality, he surprisingly grew on me throughout the series, as his depection and apathy to the band and other characters was a nice contast to the group dynamic. He is an avid collecter of morbid historical artifacts, and he can play the bass with his ding dong.

beer drums pickles drums beer

Pickles, the Drummer

Doodily doo. (Ding-dong, doodily, doodily, doo.)

Pickles is the drummer (d'uh again).

skull nathan skull

Nathan Explosion!



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