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A collections of pics that I like from around the interweb to show my various aesthetics. Not that anyone rlly gives a damn about what I like but eh, here u go anyways. Peace out v(。・ω・。)

concert praying pretty face

kittie legs kurt spider web

window egg ripped tights creepychan

rain girls hummingbirds art letter

look after my heart teenage girl

bench dress culture kills

waterfall hands trailer

garden big ideas rainbow window

curtains kicking fairy

foggy field pegasus grass

girl somethings out there tvs graveyard swing river

trees deer street

snow willows seventies girls swimming

rainbow trees night sky purple trees

path kitchen cottage

vines oranges asian shop window

bear mary cigarette resident evil

junji ito church zuzu

candles cherry blossoms graffiti

purple house magic beach motel cigs worms purple road

drug child cat house corner

fog house gravestone willow trees

brunette art stab embrace


angel emo

suitcase lady window piano books

backyard table mushroom window

window pink sky table

glam rock couple waterfall animation kimono woman

hedge wizard river girl crystals