Slayyyter is my one of my current fav pop artists rn!!! She makes 2000s style glam pop, and her music has been described as 'trash pop' cuz of the sexxyyy lyrics. I'm into that whole slutty rich valley girl aesthetic cuz I cant relate AT ALL, so when i listen to it, i can release my inner Paris Hilton lolzzz! I first discovered her from my other fav pop artist Ayesha Erotica, and who i wanted to make a shrine for but she doesn't want pics of her being spread (it's a long story) :(. ayesha isn't making bops anymore, but atleast i have slayyyter who has a very similar vibe (thank the lord)!! My fav slayyyter songs r cha-ching, mine, alone, dial tone, and everytime. i'm glad to see she's getting more popular (even if its cuz of tik tok...... *gag*). CHECK HER OUT SHES GR888!!