Ghost Adventures is one of my favorite childhood shows!!! don't get me wrong, i know a majority of the stuff on that show is fake, if not already exaggerated,,, but idfk! if i suspend my belief while watching it, it's fun. Ghost Adventures is by far the best paranormal show out there!! most of the other spooky garbage being produced has no redeeming qualities; the hosts are boring, the 'evidence' is boring, i feel like im gonna freaking die when i watch them. but no no no, not my precious ghost adventures :3. i honestly find watching GA more entertaining than watching most current horror movies aswell *insert basically any mainstream horror from the past 10 years*...

i have memories of 6th grade me begging my mom to let me watch GA, but she wouldn't let me cuz she thought it was too scary for me and would nightmares. i felt like such a rebel when i would turn on the travel channel at 1 A.M anyways and nearly shit myself watching it! now i watch it for the feelz & a good laugh at the production. although i still shit myself but now for different reasons #coffee :O

my fav episodes are the 2005 documentary (technically the first episode) & the one with Post Malone ;)


skull eye Zak Bagans eye skull

Zak is the host and main investigator of GA. I've heard people say he has no personality but i disagree; i think his super over dramatic and its funny! He has a haunted museum, which is featured in his other show 'Deadly Possesions' which features an extensive collection of haunted artifacts like dolls/books/utensils. Most notably Wyatt Earp's Bible, a haunted rocking chair, and 'Peggy the doll' (which apparently induced someone to have a heart attack) LOL. even if u don't believe in that stuff (i'm skeptical), it's still a c00l collection of antiques. Zak also bought the infamous LaBianca house, where the Manson family killed 2 people, and also bought one of Charles Mansons paintings!! Lastly, he made a recent documentary called 'Demon House' about the ammons possesion (i haven't seen it tho).


ghost Aaron Goodwin ghost

Aaron is the camera operator and co-investigator on GA, and is seen as the 'teddy bear' of the show! He's kind of thrown under the bus during investigations; Zak makes him go into paranormal hotspots alone to see how spirits react,,, he gets rlly freaked out. he's a goofy dude, he's my fav on the show. Aaron blamed his divorce on spirits from Bobby Mackey's Music World, saying the ghosts possessed him during their fights LOLOL!! he also supposedly got fired from GA for spilling the show's secrets on the travel channel during a podcast, making fun of them and ADMITTING the show was staged. however, those were just rumors and he wasnt fired :)

Fav quote: "WOAH! did you hear that!!??"- literally everyone on the show

Every other paranormal show on TV is shit! mega booooring. if this shrine didn't convince u (which if probs didn't, ill be real) here r some reasons why GA is best...